Civic Engagement on Lincoln’s Campus

In February of this year, my campus, The Lincoln University, was vandalized when some unknown person spray painted the word “nigger” on one of the entrance signs. Within seconds of its discovery, pictures surfaced on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram of the defaced sign. Students, some who loved the university and others who could care less, quickly became defensive of the university and cited this as an example of continuing racism in the United States.

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Who Teaches Better: White or Black Professors?

The title may look a little silly, and I feel silly for even writing it. But I think this a conversation that needs to take place at HBCUs and not for the reason you may think. This conversation does not need to happen so that all the white faculty members can be fired and be replaced by black faculty members. This conversation needs to happen because we need to dispel the myth that Black professors are more suited to teach at an HBCU based on the color of their skin.

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Social Activism on HBCU Campuses: Why We Shouldn’t Wait

With the recent shootings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, nationwide protests have taken place around the country, and even around the world. Protests in Los Angeles, New York, and even London, gained international coverage as hundreds marched for justice and peace. Hundreds, and in some places thousands, of people turned out to protest what they viewed as unjust killings of African American men.

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HBCU or PWI? The Black Experience vs. Expanded Cultural Understanding

Recently, actress Taraji P. Henson was quoted in an article saying that she would send her son to an HBCU, like Howard University, so that he would avoid “racial profiling.” In an article on the Essence website, Henson described two separate incidents in which he son was racially profiled by campus police on two separate university campuses. So, to avoid that from happening again, she decided that she is sending her son to a black college.

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Brown Skin, White Mind

Interracial has seemed to become synonmous with “white” for many of my friends. The music that I like, the books I read, and even the clothes I wear are considered “white.” I thought that I would escape this idea of being “white washed” in college, but it has seemed to follow me even into my adult years.

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