So You Wanna Be Black?

Recently, Hunger Games star Amandla Stenberg posted a video online criticizing Madonna, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus for their exploitation of black women. In her video, appropriately titled “Don’t Cash Crop My Corn Rows”, she referenced Swift’s music video for “Shake It Off”, Miley Cyrus performing “We Can’t Stop” at the VMAS, and Katy Perry’s music video for “This Is How We Do”.

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Weave, Braids, Relaxer, or Afro: The Natural Hair Battle

A recent article on talked about the growing emergence of Black models sporting their natural hair on the runway in Paris. The article was dedicated to the different styles of Afros worn by the models and how it’s slowly catching on. At least, it seems to be catching on in Paris. The comments were surprisingly positive, with many people saying that they applauded the models for embracing their natural hairstyles.

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Brown Skin, White Mind

Interracial has seemed to become synonmous with “white” for many of my friends. The music that I like, the books I read, and even the clothes I wear are considered “white.” I thought that I would escape this idea of being “white washed” in college, but it has seemed to follow me even into my adult years.

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