When I came to Lincoln University over two years ago, I had no idea what would be in store for me. How would a person like me, an interracial girl from California, ever fit in at an all-black college? My whole schooling experience had involved attending schools that were predominantly white. When I went home during the summer, people asked me questions about my experience at an HBCU. The main question I always got was, “What is it like at an all black school?”

As a student on an HBCU campus, I have many different experiences and want to share them with fellow college students, especially HBCU students, and those who are thinking about attending an HBCU. My blog will explore many aspects of my HBCU experience, like adjusting to HBCU life and the challenges I face. Overall, I want to show people that there is more to HBCU life than just what they see in movies like Drumline and Homecoming.

You may be asking by now, who is the person behind this blog? Well, my name is Veronica Carr and I am a Mass Communications student at The Lincoln University of Pennsylvania. I originally hail from the Golden State (California) and I have been at Lincoln University for two and a half years. My hobbies include in writing, reading, cooking, and traveling.

Besides writing this blog, I also write two other blogs: London 2014 and Veronica’s News Blog. You can follow me on Twitter @hbcu_student_lu and on YouTube at Veronica Carr. My contact email is veronicacarr63@yahoo.com.


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