I Was Supposed To Be Safe Here

I thought I was safe here

Surrounded by stained glass windows

And a storm weathered pulpit.

This was my sanctuary

My last refuge. 

From all the evils you bestowed upon me and my family.

See, the street have become a war zone and

Even in my own home I’ve become a suspect.

Charged, tried, and found guilty by a biased jury.

So I created another home

Free from your overreaching prejudice, hate,

And contempt.

A sanctuary built from stone, brick, wood, and

The blood of those who reigned before me.

This was my home.

I thought I was safe here.

But you destroyed that too.

As if publicly shaming and destroying me wasn’t enough,

You invaded my inner sanctum

And in a matter of minutes,

My fortress was destroyed.

Your goal was accomplished,

You desecrated my last home.

I was supposed to be safe here!

I withstand the daily ridicule

And the constant barrage of racism thrown my way.

As if my skin color was a crime

And I should be sorry that I dare to be black

Because how dare I?

But I had a place to go to escape

Where the only one  whose judgment I received

Was also the one whose love knows no skin color.

And I survived what you thought would kill me.

I was supposed to be safe here.

But your plan was never for me to be safe here.

To you, I’m still foreign

Although I’m so far removed from where you

Stole me from.

I call this place home now.

But that was never your plan.

So you’ve kept me in fear,

Constantly watching.

Never knowing if today was my last.

Fearing for the life that came from me

Wondering if their named would grace

Tear stained headstones before mine.

I was supposed to be safe here.

But I’m not.

So, in fear I run from my sanctuary,

From the arms of my Protector,

Into darkened corners

With voices that beckon me,

“Come here, girl, you’re safe here.”

Am I supposed to feel safe here now?


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